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Joe DiMaggio

Limited Edition Autographed Jersey
Edition Size: 325
Signed: 1997

Compared to the number of balls, photos and bats DiMaggio autographed throughout his life, by far jerseys are the most rare. Of the estimated 500 jerseys signed, most were signed a few years before DiMaggio's death. Of these limited pieces, more than half of them have blurred signatures due to what some say is a defect in the jersey material. It is estimated that fewer than 200 jerseys have signatures that are perfect with no bleed.

We have just acquired a precious few of these very rare, perfect Mitchell and Ness 1941 jerseys, autographed by Joe DiMaggio, with crisp, clean signatures. These are a rare find and an extremely valuable treasure from one of baseball's greatest players. Unbelievably clean and pristine, these jerseys are autographed in blue, and have zero bleed. They are museum quality. The Certificate of Authenticity is from Pro Sports Services and includes a photo of DiMaggio signing. Pro Sports Services was the company that produced the famous 1941 Joe DiMaggio Autographed Bats and is well respected in the memorabilia industry.

Americans have been playing baseball for over 100 years and Joe DiMaggio is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players ever. A gentleman on and off the field, he is "The Yankee Clipper." Own a piece of history and a truly amazing collectible. We have very few of these jerseys, so call today.



Sammy Sosa

Limited Edition Statistics Suite

Edition Size: 60
Signed: 1999

Sammy Sosa has hand signed this limited edition set which includes a Sammy Sosa Cubs Jersey, Sosa model professional bat and Official National League baseball. He has included, by his own hand, the following stats:

66 HR 1998
63 HR 1999
60 HR 9-12-98,
60 HR 9-18-99 plus his signature!



Sammy Sosa

Limited Edition Home Run Baseball

Edition 66
Signed: 1999

This special limited edition American League Official Baseball is hand-signed by Sosa on the sweet-spot. Each ball corresponds with one of Sammy's home runs in that famous 1998 season. Each ball is laser inscribed in gold with the following statistics: The home run #, the opposing team, the date of the event, the distance of the home run, Limited Edition # of 66. The Edition number and home run number are the same. These unique collectibles, from one of the most memorable seasons in baseball, are very rare. Certificate of authenticity is from Total Sports Concepts and includes photo of Sammy signing!